Green Tea

Here at Mio, we take as much pride of what goes into our products as you get out of them! To highlight the wonder of our unique ingredients, this feature will be a regular occurrence on our brand new blog! The Key Ingredient will pinpoint and explain the advantages of individual ingredients to give you a further understanding of what exactly goes on your skin.

We aim to give you gorgeously fit skin that oozes energy and radiates confidence. To do this, we have sourced the best ingredients for the best results.

Our no nasties policy is in place to assure you that ALL our products are the cleanest, most effective products we could make. Our aim is to become your ‘go-to’ product. We really do believe in what we preach, so why not trust us in saying that our products will tackle all your trouble spots!

This week’s key ingredient is green tea, which is found in our Gorgeous Glow Facial Swipes, Shrink to Fit and Skin Tight. It may seem like an unusual supplement to have on your bedroom dresser, but a significant amount of research has indicated that green tea has many health benefits!

Green tea is fully loaded with natural anti-oxidants, which leaves skin looking younger and feeling fresher. It is often found in anti-aging remedies, as the potent plant flushes out toxins that cause blemishes and encourages glowing skin. The powerful leaf prevents radical damage to delicate skin making it a key ingredient in several of our products.

We specifically chose to incorporate green tea into our Gorgeous Glow Facial Swipes because it enables skin to fight against blemishes caused by makeup removal. It also helps neutralise UV damage on skin – perfect after a long day.

Green tea should be the key ingredient in any skin care product when delicate skin is being replenished.  This will protect the inevitable wear and tear skin has to cope with on a daily basis.

Both our Shrink to Fit and Skin Tight products are made with green tea extract. The key ingredient combats sun damage while increasing elasticity, making it the perfect supplement to keep skin firm and fresh.

We initially chose green tea because of its natural antioxidants which flush out unwanted toxins. The natural ingredient has become one of our favourites because of its gentle and unsuspecting nature.

With Mio, we cut out the middle man and send goodness straight to skin, after all green tea isn’t just for drinking!

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Olga Kasprzyk

Olga Kasprzyk

Writer and expert