Why do we get cellulite on our thighs?

In the past, cellulite has been deemed as something to be ashamed of, but, reality check, the majority of us have it! Read on to discover why it’s totally normal to get cellulite on thighs in particular…

Why do most of us get cellulite?

Cellulite is something that 90% of women have and just like the freckles on our skin, it’s completely natural and should be treated that way. It’s something that women of all weights, body shapes and skin tones have. From the backs of our thighs to our arms, it can appear anywhere and it’s totally harmless. It’s healthy to have a certain level of body fat. Sometimes, the fibrous cords that keep our skin attached to our muscles and the fat in between have a little trouble getting on! The result is that the fat rises to the skin and the cords pull down towards the muscle – this is what creates the appearance of cellulite. Noone, not even medical experts, really know why this happens, it just does! Even super fit, healthy people have it.

Why does it tend to appear on our thighs?

There is no big medical or biological reason as to why cellulite is more commonly found on the thighs, it just happens! It could however have something to do with the blood circulation in that area, alongside our genetic make-up and hormones. According to Women’s Health, as we age we produce less oestrogen and this slows down the circulation in areas like our thighs. This loss of circulation means that there are fewer nutrients in this area which help to support and protect the skin on your thighs. In turn, our collagen production also reduces and our normal body fat starts to push through the thinner layer of protective collagen, creating the appearance of cellulite.

Imagery: Left: Marilyn Monroe in 1957 / Right: Aerie’s Summer 2018 Campaign

Why shouldn’t we worry about it?

Loving your body is the best way to embrace your most authentic self, cellulite and all! We’re all different and we’re all unique, and we should never hide what’s naturally ours. Looking after your body by exercising regularly, eating healthily, and treating your skin with care and attention will help you to feel confident in your body. We only get one and it’ll be with us all the way through life’s journey, so it’s best to support it, protect it, and be thankful for all it’s given to you. Things to do other than worry about cellulite on thighs: call a friend, make your favourite meal for dinner, read a book in the garden, go for a nice long run, learn something new.

What can we do if we do want to help the appearance of cellulite on thighs?

We, of course, want you to embrace your body’s natural beauty but we would be lying if we didn’t acknowledge that sometimes parts of our body do make us feel a little less confident. We believe in the power of creating your own rules and doing what is best for you to make you feel the best in your body. If you’re looking to improve the appearance of cellulite, a healthy diet, weekly exercise, and drinking plenty of water will help reduce the fat a little and prevent water retention – this will also just help you feel healthier in general remember! Dry body brushing also has a wonderful effect on your thighs, helping to boost the circulation in your legs and get the oxygen flowing in your pins to improve the overall appearance of your skin in that area.


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