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What to Put on Chafing Thighs

Iced coffees, long evenings, al fresco dining- what’s not to love about the summer? The answer comes as one simple word: chafing. Chafing is the term used to describe that uncomfortable itch that occurs when the sun combines with summer clothing. When the thighs rub together or loose cotton repeatedly buffs the skin, the reality of summer glamour is irritation in areas that cannot be itched in public. We’ve spoken before about how to stop the situation from occurring. However, if it’s too little too late and you can safely say the damage has been done, here’s what to put on chafing thighs.

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What is chub rub?

If the term ‘chafing’ is new to you, you may have previously came across ‘chub rub’, a somewhat derogatory name for such a universally experienced issue. Chafing or chub rub can happen to men and women of all ages and sizes. Plus, as it is simply the result of a mixture of moisture and friction, it’s really nothing to be embarrassed of!

As mentioned, chub rub can also occur from the result of fabric rubbing against skin, so it is not just down to skin-on-skin friction. This is why those who partake in a lot of endurance sport, such as cycling, can be particularly prone to a bit of chub rub.

Despite its name, chub rub is not a light-hearted inconvenience. According to Healthline, inflamed, moisture-laden skin can lead to a skin infection if left untreated. To dodge the situation entirely, whether it may come from cycling, running, or the summer heat, take a look at our guide on How to Stop Chafing.

What can I do about chub rub to stop inner thighs rubbing?

If your chub rub is already making an appearance, you may at this point want to know what to put on your chafing thighs. Steps need to be taken in order to block that skin from scuffing together or against your clothes, worsening the situation.

Firstly, there’s certainly no need to toss any dainty summer dresses or cotton shorts. The way how to stop thighs rubbing when walking is to simply keep them so moisturised that they glide off each-other.

In the morning or before you leave the house, apply a thin layer of the Mio Skincare Move Groove Anti-Friction Balm on the areas that are beginning to show some irritation. Putting this balm on your chafing will provide a layer of protection over the thighs. The nourishing, moisturising ingredients will allow the legs to skim seamlessly past each-other.

Once the day is finished, apply another layer of the anti-friction balm before bed to help calm and heal the chafing. The coconut oil will help to moisturise and nourish your skin and niacinamide conditions and helps to reduce the appearance of redness that has already occurred. Meanwhile, tapioca works to provide that smooth, silky soft skin feeling.

If you’re a runner or a cyclist, unfortunately you may experience chub rub all year round. It can happen from pro-longed rubbing against the saddle of a bike or from the repetitive friction between the legs when running. If your thighs are chafed, take a break from the exercise that’s causing it and give them time to heal. Don’t anger the chub rub! It can quickly deteriorate from an uncomfortable itch to a nasty infection. Be careful of what you put on the chafing and avoid soaps and products with harsh, irritating ingredients. When gently washing the area, we’d recommend using luke-warm water paired with a soap that is hydrating and encourages cell renewal, such as Mio’s Dive In Refreshing Body Wash.

After the area has been given a few days of a breather, you can smother on the anti-friction balm to relieve the skin and prevent the inner thighs from rubbing again. Also, if you’re doing chafing-prone exercise all year round, a good idea is to invest in some tight active-wear. The tighter the clothes you are wearing, the less room they have to move against your skin! Layering on some anti-friction balm before putting on tight cycling shorts may feel strange at first, but the anti-friction protective layer means that your skin will stay soft and smooth. 

man applying chafing cream before exercise

It can be difficult to know what to put on chafing. Between the lack of conversation over the topic and the fear of worsening an already irritated situation, many choose to suffer in silence. With the right preparation for inner-thigh rubbing, expect glossy, silky smooth legs this summer. Wear your summer dress with confidence and cycle in comfort with an anti-friction balm.

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