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Mio Strong Women: Tiffany Watson

Tiffany Watson is the founder of Three Six Five Stationary and the co-founder of plant-based restaurant, Tell Your Friends London. Her love for the beautiful planet we live on, the people, the animals and the environment, led to her founding her own company – Three Six Five. Her vision is to create something that looks after these elements, whilst helping girls dream big and achieve their goals.

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I am inspired by woman all around me, my sister for her work ethic and courage to stand up for animals and their rights, my friends who take the scary plunge to become self-employed or starting up their own business and having the confidence to believe in their ideas and themselves. I am inspired by my mother for finding her passion of painting at 56 years old and giving up her time to rescue and foster dogs.

“It’s amazing to recognise and support the woman in our lives but also the ones we see on social media too.”

I follow so many inspiring girls who are determined to make a difference, big or small, who stand up for what they believe in and most importantly, encourage others around them to do the same thing.

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Launched on International Women’s Day 2019, #MioStrongWomen is a campaign to celebrate Strong Women from across the globe and inspire a new generation. Join the conversation on Instagram and let us know, who are your #MioStrongWomen?

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