How To Reduce Cellulite In 3 Easy Steps

Bikini season may have finally passed but as any woman concerned about the appearance of their thighs will know; it’s a year-long battle against cellulite. We unaffectionately refer to it as “orange peel” or “cottage cheese thighs” and bemoan its’ appearance on our bodies but there are things you can do to improve the appearance of cellulite and minimalize those dimples and maximise your confidence.

Understanding what cellulite is is the first step in how best to approach those pesky dimples on our bums, tums and thighs. Cellulite appears in pockets of fat whi
ch contain toxins which sit just below the skin and gather unevenly under our skin, thus creating those tell-tale signs with bumpy, uneven skin.

Employing an arsenal of beauty products will help you on your way in shifting stubborn cellulite and ridding your body of cellulite-causing toxins. Body brushing is a process many women swear by to promote good blood circulation and elevate the appearance of cellulite for smoother-looking skin. The trick to body brushing is to do this dry and in small circular motions to break down the fatty deposits without causing too much irritation.

To further get to work on cellulite, Mio’s The Activist is a wonderful product to reach as it notonly further improves the appearance of your skin, it adds rich hydration thanks to Organic Sweet Almond oil, adds comfort to the skin with calming Calendula oil and it is packed with free-radical fighting antioxidants. Applied daily to shower damp skin helps to seal in extra moisture and a little goes a long way. To reap maximum benefits, use deep, upward strokes toward the heart. This massage-like action boosts circulation and gives your skin more oxygen and nutrients.

The extra nourishment from a body oil will help dry, parched skin look and feel better but you’re not left with that greasy feeling as The Activist is lightweight and leaves an amazing scent you will wear all day. As we age, the skin’s oil-producing cells begin to slow down; leading to the decline of its natural springiness and healthy radiance so oils are especially beneficial to our skin as they help in restoring the strength, moisture and suppleness we naturally lose over time.

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