Why Lack Of Sleep Can Make You Hungry

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We’ve all experienced the lack of focus and short temper we suffer when we’ve not had enough sleep. Not getting enough shut-eye on the odd occasion may make us grumpy the following day, but if you’ve made a habit of only getting a couple of hours every night, it could really be affecting your health. One of the main issues it causes is hunger, so we want to know, why lack of sleep can make you hungry?

On average, we need around seven or eight hours of sleep per night to function properly. If you’re craving a nap all day, you’re likely to not be getting enough.

Some may need more and some less, but much less can cause us some real health issues as well as an unhealthy appetite. When we’re tired, we crave food more than usual, and it’s mainly sugary foods that our bodies want. This can lead to serious medical conditions and make you more prone to diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure.

Sleep deprivation reduces levels of a chemical called leptin, the chemical that makes us feel full up, and it increases levels of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates hunger. It can also cause severe mood disorders such as anxiety or depression, so get those sleeping hours in!

Make sure you eat a good hour before bed, too and only have a light, simple dinner. Give your body time to digest it before you lay down for the night, then wake up and indulge in a healthy, hearty breakfast. This will slowly digest throughout the day making you less likely to snack.

The best way to recover from severe tiredness due to lack of sleep is by simply going to bed earlier! Try and cut down on any work you take home and turn off anything electronic at least an hour before you plan on going to sleep. Have a mug of camomile tea, a nice soak in the bath and take some deep breaths, this will slow your heart rate down and relax you completely.

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