Hit The Ground Running – Cardio Playlist!

January is often a time filled with the pressure to start a new fitness regime or cut pretty much everything out of your diet…You don’t have to commit to a ‘New Year, New You’, but there’s no harm in starting to make healthy, sustainable choices and building good habits!

We’ve put together a guide to making running one of your good habits this year; not only is it incredible for toning, and improving your cardio fitness but it’s fantastic for your overall mental fitness too.

To give you another helping hand with your new hobby, we’ve put together an upbeat, feel-good playlist for you to hit the ground running (see what we did there?)!

This playlist is filled with upbeat, energetic songs to get your legs and heart racing! From remixes, to dubstep to some chart-topping pop songs we’ve made sure we have it all! This playlist lasts 42 minutes and its the perfect fit for a nice long run outdoors or in the gym!

Let us know if you have any favourite running or cardio songs that you think we should include in our cardio playlist by tagging @mioskincare on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and we’ll add them in!

Happy new year and happy listening, love from the mio team!

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