What do you think of our moisturising miracles?

As soon as we step out of the shower, we reach for our favourite moisturising miracle. For our brand manager, Jessica it’s The Activist Body Oil; for Jinny, our content marketing manager, it’s The A Cream.

Each one of us has a different go-to moisturiser and we can’t decide which one is the best. But we don’t have to… because our moisturising miracles use a whole host of natural ingredients including sweet almond oil, carrot seed and coconut oil in our mega moisturisers to ensure that your skin is always getting the very best!

We love our moisturising miracles, and so do you apparently!

The Activist

One of our lovely customers declared that she ‘no longer has flaky skin’ after she used The Activist Body Oil and ‘the effects last for a few days rather than being washed off in the shower.’ Another one of our mio fans is Zoe who swims a lot so needs extra moisture to keep her skin supple and moisturised. She’s declared her love for our all-in-one body oil! Check out the reviews for yourself on The Activist Body Oil page or if you’re feeling extra nice why not leave us one?

Even award winning blogger, Georgina says that this oil is ‘fab for massages’ and ‘makes her skin feel amazing!!’ You can check out her full review over on her blog –

Future Proof Body Butter

Caroline a self-declared mio lover said that this is one of the best body butters she’s ever used – no exaggeration! Another lovely customer includes Ana who claimed our body butter to have everything you ever wanted in a body cream! It leaves her skin super soft and smells fabulous!

Check all the reviews on the Future Proof Body Butter product page!

The A Cream

Meet Annie, founder of Epiphanniea, an award-winning lifestyle blog! She recently tried The A Cream and instantly loved it! Her skin was particularly dry and sensitive but The A Cream moisturised and soothe her skin flawlessly.

Take a peek at her review over on her blog or have a look at all our lovely customer reviews on The A Cream product page!



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