5 Best Fitness Blogs We Love

We can all use a little motivation to help us get fit and stay fit, whether you’re a dedicated exerciser or just starting out on your path to a healthy lifestyle. Discover our list of the best fitness blogs we love, to give you that extra encouragement you need. From inspirational posts, to workout ideas and healthy recipes, these fitness blogs have it all!

Fit Bottomed Girls

This blog was created by co-founders Jennipher Walters and Erin Whitehead who understand that fitness should be enjoyable, and not a chore or punishment. Their mission is to empower women to find the fun in fitness and embrace their bodies. They encourage you to take care of your body without getting hung up on numbers on the scale, or comparing yourself to other people. Fit Bottomed Girls has a light-hearted approach with a personal touch, and contains workout ideas, success stories, motivational posts, and tips on fitness, nutrition and mind-set.

Lift Like A Girl

Founder Nia Shanks demonstrates that women can lift just as well as men (if not better!). She encourages all women to start strength training, regardless of their background, and wants to disregard the approach to exercise as punishment for eating. She provides tips to a healthy lifestyle in a relatable way. Instead of focusing solely on what you do in the gym, she also gives advice on ways to improve other aspects of your life so your whole mental and physical wellbeing is enhanced.

Run to the Finish

If you’re more of a cardio bunny than into lifting weights, then Run to the Finish has you covered. With her love for running, Amanda Brooks looks to share her healthy living journey and inspire others to take it up. Before reading Run to the Finish, you would not believe how much there is to running, but her posts cover everything running-related, from how to start, tips to running different distances, to the more advanced altitude training and stride technique. What began for Amanda as just a passion for running, has now transformed into embracing a complete healthy lifestyle.

Workout Mommy

Workout Mommy is a health and fitness blog for mums, and proves that being a parent is no excuse to quit exercising! Founded by personal-trainer-turned-Mum Lisa, Workout Mommy helps to motivate you to overcome the challenge of finding the time to exercise and stay healthy when you have a 24/7 job of taking care of someone else! She understands the struggles you face as a mother from her own experience, so her tips and advice are realistic and achievable to a full-time parent.

Kayla Itsines

We couldn’t not mention her, could we? Australian-based fitness blogger Kayla Itsines has taken the world by storm recently with her Bikini Body Guides which contain diet plans and week-by-week workouts to follow. If you don’t want to invest in the guides, her blog is full of educational content for keeping fit and healthy so if you’re after healthy recipes, looking to change up your workout routine, or just want some general motivation then head over to Kayla Itsines’ blog now!

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