Are you ready for bare-legs season?

All of a sudden spring seems to have crept up on us. Without warning, midi-skirts, shorter gym leggings and day dresses have started to make an appearance which can only mean one thing, our previously neglected winter legs need some TLC after 6 months hibernation.

But do not worry, we’ve got you and your pins covered with our ultimate bare-legs preparation routine.

1. Body Brush

Famed for its Ayurvedic benefits, Body Brushing is a spring and summer essential.  Dry skin, ingrown hairs and uneven skin tone be gone! Use your body brush on dry skin before the shower, brushing upwards towards your heart in circular motions to increase blood flow, drain water retention and effectively exfoliate your skin to leave a radiant, healthy glow from within.

2. Cleanse

Just as you would in any skincare routine, use a gentle, clarifying mask once or twice a week to keep your skin in tip-top condition. The pores on your skin can be just as prone to clogging from sweat, pollution and free-radicals, so by using a refining and cleansing clay mask you can ensure your skin is perfectly prepped and glowing from within.

3. Exfoliate

Our newest addition, Heavenly Body Radiance Salt Scrub, has been formulated with Rock Salt and Bitter Orange Peel to gently exfoliate, brighten dull skin and help with ingrown hairs. Natural Almond and Coconut Oils intensely nourish and leave your skin looking radiant and feeling beautifully moisturised.

4. Moisturise

Once out the shower, pat yourself dry and smother your skin in a thick layer of Future Proof Body Butter. Rich in natural Omegas to help strengthen skin and deeply nourish, Future Proof will be the cherry on the cake of your spring glow.

5. Enjoy!

Lighter evenings, warmer weather and a hint of sun all make for brighter moods; so bare some skin, get outside and enjoy the changing of the seasons.

Tilly Doody-Henshaw

Tilly Doody-Henshaw

Writer and expert

Alongside food, travel and writing, skincare is one of my greatest loves. I'm a self-confessed skincare junkie, and product hoarder! Luckily that means I'm ingredient savvy and confident I know what makes a fab skin care routine.

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