With the New York City marathon on Sunday, we are giving you our ultimate pre-marathon guide to ensure that you’re physically and mentally prepared for the gruelling 26 miles ahead of you!

No matter the location, a marathon is a true test of physical and mental fitness – often bringing grown men to tears. However once you’ve crossed that finish line, the overwhelming sense of achievement and pride soon kicks in!

Before all that though, preparation is key!

Chill out

Use this week to unwind. Stay away from the drama so you can focus on your mental stability and calmness. It’ll come in handy when you hit that mental brick wall, so you can power straight through! Why not indulge in a marathon of your favourite show?!

Carbo-load, don’t fat-load

Go wild – it’s one of the few times in life when carb-loading is a necessity! Maximise your energy stores and get lost in pasta, pasta and more pasta! Throw in chicken, egg, salmon and sweet potatoes into your diet and you’ll be all set to hit the ground running (literally)!

Go with what you know

Don’t drastically change your diet or routine before the big race! It may seem obvious, but getting caught up in other peoples pre-race rituals is an easy (and addictive) thing to do!

Eat breakfast

Just like wedding jitters, pre-race jitters are real! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – and even more important when you’re gearing up to run 26 miles, so don’t skip it! Remember to allow 3 hours before the big race for all the goodness to digest!

Warm up

It seems like the most obvious point in this pre-marathon guide, but even the smallest warm up can reduce muscle cramps and injuries! Stretch out each part of your body – don’t forget your neck and shoulders too!

Perfect your playlist

Music makes the world go round. Find your favourite songs then order them to how you want to run! We suggest relaxing tunes in your first 10 miles, then motivating music in the next 10, and finally champion songs for the final stretch!

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