Healthy Food Trends of 2016

Move over curly kale and chia pods… here are some of the healthy food trends that we are apparently going to be going crazy over in 2016!

Savoury Ice-cream

Whilst ice-cream doesn’t feature in the ‘eat five a day’ category of the food pyramid, we believe in eating everything in moderation! In 2016 there is set to be a range of new savoury ice-cream flavours hitting ice-cream and gelato stores.  Some savoury flavours which have started popping up are ricotta cheese and beetroot, orange and cayenne pepper and dark chocolate, olive oil and sea salt. We’re interested but not yet convinced!


 Seaweed as in the kind that washes up on the beach? Well not quite! Dried or roasted wakame or nori has been used in Japanese and Korean dishes for centuries and it is rich in sea minerals such as iodine and potassium. Although we’ve probably been used to eating seaweed wrapped around our sushi, in 2016 we will be crumbling it over soups and salads and even eating it straight out of a packet as a light afternoon snack.

(More) Matcha

Another Japanese superfood that is packed full of antioxidants is matcha green tea.  You might have drunk or at least seen a matcha latte at a swanky coffee shop but in 2016 matcha will be appearing in your everyday staple foods such as porridge, bread, and even brownies – we hope you like bright green food!

Coconut Flour

We’ve all probably tried coconut water and started using coconut oil in 2015 but in 2016 we will be expanding our coconut addiction by using coconut flour. Not only is coconut flour a good alternative to wheat flour, but it is also high in protein, fibre and has a low glycaemic index.


Pronounced ‘poh-kay’, this Hawaiian dish is basically a deconstructed sushi roll in a bowl which became a huge hit in Los Angeles last year. Much like a salad bar, you can ‘build your own’ poke bowl which contains a base of brown rice topped with your choice of marinated raw fish and veg such as green onions, avocados, white onion, ginger and sesame seeds. Mmm – this sounds like a winner in our eyes!

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