A little indulgence now and again is OK by us! But when you don’t want to break the bank with a lavish trip to a day spa, we are on hand to help! Have you ever thought of a massage at home? Grab your partner and show them the ropes.

Remember to use your whole hands right down to your fingertips. The amount of pressure that your hands can produce is surprising, so be sure to use it all. Experimentation will help you master any massage, so why not go all out this valentines with a full body massage – that’s right we’re talking feet, back and scalp.

Get in the mood…

Having the right environment to allow yourself to fully relax is the first step. Between us, we have created this list of how to get you in the mood… for a massage of course!

Set the scene


Nothing says romance like a few candles! Go out and buy some tea lights to dot around your room. Not only are they low cost but a few candles will magnify the romantic ambience. Just be careful where you place them!

Liquid Yoga Space Spray

No need for scented candles because our Liquid Yoga Space Spray is 100x better! Our rapid mood changer creates a calm and peaceful environment. With a blend of essential oils including lavender and chamomile, a single spritz will dissolve any weary woes, leaving the perfect environment for a massage at home.

US customers – get your feel-good spray from www.mioskincare.com

Dressing Gowns

Get cosy and slip on your dressing gowns, they’re a rite of passage in a spa anyway. Also it’ll help warm both your bodies up before the main event – there’s nothing worse than cold hands!

The Activist Body Oil

For any good massage, you need an even better body oil. Our nourishing moisturiser is the perfect supplement for massage oil – we’ve even been trying it out ourselves! Plus receive 20% off for a limited time only!


We’ve created a playlist, so all you need to do is press play – happy valentines!

Don’t forget that the more you put into the massage, the more you get out of it. Set aside a time limit, then all that’s left to do is r-e-l-a-x and spend some quality time with your valentines, without breaking the bank!

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