Christmas time is all about family, friends and food! Let’s face it; there really is no escaping the vast amounts of food in December and who would want to!? At Mio HQ we have had one too many conversations about our Christmas dinner, not to mention chocolate and cheese! It’s the one time of the year that over indulgence is a rite of passage and there’s always a box of goodies waiting to be devoured.

We’re not going to tell you to ‘watch what you’re eating’ or ‘avoid any indulgences’ because honestly we’d be hypocrites… But we are going to give you a few fitness hacks to surviving Christmas so that you can remain active whilst enjoying the festivities


Christmas shopping… everyone’s got to do it! Why not up the pace and get your blood pumping! This simple fitness hack will help keep your fitness up to scratch in preparation for the big day! Keep track of your steps on your phone or fitness device and make sure you try and do at least 10,000 steps per day.

Family Walks

Nothing beats a good walk with the fresh, cold air blowing away the cobwebs (unless you live in California). On Christmas day itself, gather the troops and pick a route for all the family to enjoy! Why not take a trip to the park or grab the dog and head for the countryside, because on average you’ll burn 100 calories per mile

Skiing or Sledging

At Mio HQ, we’re dreaming of a white Christmas… But the likelihood of that is pretty slim! Nevertheless, if the weather does take a turn we’ll be the first ones to uncover the sledge and race down the nearest hill! The climb back up the hill will get your heart pumping and your body working hard, in fact walking uphill can burn 500 calories an hour! All we need now is (some vital) snow…

Ice Skating

Christmas would not be the same without ice skating! Visit your local ice-rink and get your skates on because on average you’ll be burning 250 calories every 30 minutes!


Survive Christmas with a good boogie! Pop on your favourite Christmas tunes and get the party started in your living room! Did you know that if you dance for 30 minutes you can burn up to 200 calories!? Hello Macarena!

Not feeling it?

We know it’s cold outside, and the thought of mince pies and mulled wine probably makes it hard to leave the house to go the gym…we promise that a little bit of effort in December will make January much easier for you and your body! Keep yourself in the swing of things and look after your body with our Mio ranges, to prepare your body and treat it afterwards! We’ll see you again in 2016 and we’ll be by your side to give it a fantastic kick start!

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