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Mio Strong Women: Flora Beverley

A leading fitness and food blogger based in London and the face of our Month of Mio campaign, Flora was the natural choice to be our first Mio Strong Woman, this International Women’s Day.

Loving all-things fitness, Flora is passionate about leading a healthy, balanced lifestyle and focusing on a strong mind rather than quick-fix fads. Flora is on a mission to inspire a new generation of strong women, using her social media voice as a platform for empowerment.

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I MADE IT!!! Weird rush of emotions about finishing my first ever marathon… but mostly just really fucking proud that I made it round. Race play by play (as much for memz as for you guys) 👉 First 10k was easy but felt really slow (as planned). Found a lively girl called Fleur and we ran together for a long way. 🤗 IT band started hurting around 8km which wasn't ideal but the pain plateaued at a manageable level for like 20km. 😬 From 30km my other knee also went (has been fine up to this point mostly) and MY GOD those kilometers went down slowly 😅 I popped like 4 ibuprofen and an advil but by 40km I had to slow to a walk. Flora walking pace is pretty damn speedy but those last 2.17km took a really really long time in my head. I also kept crying because I was so frustrated, but managed to finish despite everything, and ticked off my 2 goals for this marathon: to finish and to enjoy the atmosphere!! 🥵🙌 Honestly would recommend doing a marathon to EVERYONE, if only to figure out what you're made of. 🙌 Now its FOOD TIME!! 🤤 #tokyomarathon #vegantokyo #marathontraining #marathon #raceday

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I think Instagram has introduced me to some of the most inspirational women I’ve ever met, and for that I thank it. Social media has given so many people a platform to share what they find important, and I’ve found many people that I now look up to that way. Examples include Dolly Alderton (author of ‘Everything I Know About Love’), Adrienne Herbert (runner extraordinaire and host of the Power Hour podcast) and Jazmin Sawyers (GB athlete, singer and presenter who all inspire me because of their incredible work ethics and attitudes towards life!

“If you have something important to say and a platform to say it, that’s enough, and I love that attitude.”

Adrienne especially, because she is a mum and STILL does all the amazing things she does. I also think Sonny Turner (model) and Chidera Eggerue (aka @theslumflower and author of ‘What A Time To Be Alone’) have totally smashed the mould and shown everyone that you don’t have to come from a certain background or look a certain way to be successful. If you have something important to say and a platform to say it, that’s enough, and I absolutely love that attitude!

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Launched on International Women’s Day 2019, #MioStrongWomen is a campaign to celebrate Strong Women from across the globe and inspire a new generation. Join the conversation on Instagram and let us know, who are your #MioStrongWomen?

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