You Age What You Eat | Anti-Ageing Foods

You Age What You Eat | Anti-Ageing Foods

Summer Skin

As the first sightings of sun-kissed skin start to appear, so too do the first real glimmers of summer sun. SPFs, after suns and tanning oils are pulled from the back of the cabinet as we gladly welcome the arrival of the best season of the year. One thing we have to be aware of however, is the lasting damage that the sun can do to our skin. It is well known that over‐exposure to the sunshine can cause wrinkles, leathering and reddening, all contributing to a less‐than ideal ageing process. We know which products to use to help prevent this and we understand that healthy lifestyle choices can assist in keeping those lines at bay but what about the food we eat? Do anti-ageing foods really exist and if so, which can be incorporated into our daily routines to specifically help target our sun‐damaged skin?

Anti-ageing Foods

Superfoods have been big news for some time now, and with the benefits promised it’s not hard to see why; blueberries helping to lower cholesterol, raw nuts reducing the chance of diabetes, spinach reducing the risk of cancer. They’ve also been proven to positively affect our complexions. As such we’ve compiled the following list of superfoods which will help rejuvenate you and your skin.

Pomegranate Seeds

Pomegranates seem to be everywhere at the moment, you can’t look on Instagram without seeing a salad covered in their signature seeds, and with good reason. The juice in pomegranate seeds contains punicalagin, a super‐nutrient which aids the body in preserving collagen levels, ensuring skin remains soft and firm. They also contain ellagic acid which can help our skin protect itself from the effects of sun damage and emotional stress – win‐win!


As already mentioned, blueberries really are one of the greatest superfoods available. Not only do they help lower‐cholesterol, but the wealth of antioxidants they contain (more than nearly any other food) work wonders for maintaining youthful, elasticated skin. Including these in your mid‐morning snack will help prevent the cell‐structure damage that is responsible for fine lines and wrinkles.

Green Tea

Green tea is probably the easiest and most cost‐effective superfood to incorporate into your daily diet. Not only this, but it is one which also boasts a wide array of health benefits; improved brain functionality and increased fat burning to name just a few. The catechins it contains can also dramatically benefit our skin, as they fight against sun damage and help to prevent dark spots; its antioxidants have even been proven to help reverse signs of ageing, making it the ultimate of anti-ageing foods!



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