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How to Give Your Skin a Summer Glow

What comes to mind when you think of summer skin? Perhaps a bronzed tint, a dewy shimmer, and a lit-from-within radiance? All of which are usually associated with a long day spent sunbathing. However, the days of basking in the heat is no longer the way how to give the skin this summer glow. After many years of being told on repeat by dermatologists worldwide, we have finally come to terms with the fact that there is no such thing as a healthy suntan. Fortunately, these days the way how to give the skin a summer glow requires no sun at all. That’s right- no more hours of the day spent lying in direct sunlight, dehydrated and light-headed.

Keep reading to discover the DIY way how to give the skin a summer glow, no matter what the weather.

Use an Exfoliator for Glowing Skin

The first step to give the skin a summer glow is to brush away any old, dead skin cells.

These dead skin cells that lie at the top of the skin are what can give that dull, greyish hue. The aim is to sweep them away to reveal the bright new ones underneath! There are plenty of exfoliators for glowing skin but AHA Blends work particularly well to encourage surface cell renewal. This is because they chemically exfoliate, loosening the bonds that hold on to these dead skin cells.

The body brush is another power exfoliator for glowing skin that is somewhat underrated. It can be used both in the shower and at any other time of the day. When used in tandem with each other, the chemical exfoliation provided by the Future Proof Natural Body Butter and the physical exfoliation by the Body Brush budge any remaining dead skin and reveal the radiant skin beneath. To discover the many other benefits that come with using a body brush, we have a full guide on How to Dry Body Brush for Radiant Skin.

For troublesome areas that are particularly dry, apply an overnight exfoliant to work as you sleep, such as the Sleeping Smoothie Overnight Serum. This serum packed with AHAs works to remove any remaining rough patches, re-surface your skin cells and give you noticeably glowier skin. Packed with brightening and moisturising actives, your skin will feel instantly hydrated and radiant as soon as you wake up.

Now that the surface is sleek and hydrated, you have the perfect canvas to move on to the next step to give your skin a summer glow: applying a bronzing moisturiser.

Use a Bronzing Moisturiser

The harsh reality of daylight during the summer means that extra attention needs to be paid to your method of bronzing. Products that promise a tanned gleam but end up batching around the ankles and wrists are to be avoided at all costs.

The trick is to use a product that multi-tasks as a bronzing moisturiser. A bronzing moisturiser will keep the skin looking supple and hydrated while also adding a hint of radiance. With micro illuminating pearlescent minerals for instant radiance and a subtle shimmer, a layer of the Golden Hour Illuminating Body Moisturiser over refreshed, exfoliated skin results in a naturally bronzed finish. This body lotion leaves the skin feeling hydrated and soft as it actively highlights, the perfect way to achieve that post-holiday, summer glow.

How to prolong your tan

Understandably, once your skin has that golden shimmer, you’ll want to hang on to it for as long as possible. To prolong your tan, there are a few tips to bear in mind.

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  1. Carry out any shaving you want to do 12 hours before you apply your bronzing moisturiser. Shaving too soon afterwards can exfoliate away your lovely new glow. However, shaving too close before-hand can lead to the bronzing moisturiser filling the open pores, resulting in that speckled-leg look.
  2. When the time does come when you want to shave again, to prolong your tan, do so with a very light pressure and a clean, sharp blade.
  3. Try to keep your showers as cool as possible. Hot water can strip the skin of its natural oils and cause it to dry out.
  4. Finally, top up as you go with your bronzing moisturiser. The great thing about using a hybrid of a moisturiser and a glow-getter is that not only are you hydrating the skin to hold on to its summer glow for longer, you can also continue to top up that hint of radiance while you’re at it.

To conclude, we all want to know how to give our skin a summer glow during the warmer months. The good news is that we no longer have to sacrifice our skin’s safety in order to achieve it. With the right prep, products, and knowing how to prolong your tan, you can feel confident in your summer skin long post-holiday.

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