Muscle Soreness And How To Soothe Aching Muscles

It’s a fact. If you can move just fine the next day, you didn’t work out properly. Muscle soreness and aching is an inevitable part of exercising we’re afraid, and it means you put you’re all in, so well done! We’ve all been a victim of the John Wayne walk, and most of us have experienced taking at least 20 minutes to get up the stairs when we’ve done a vigorous HIIT session the previous day. So here’s how to soothe aching muscles.

Thanks to the mio Workout Wonder range, your aching muscles can be soothed and settled on the go. The Workout Wonder Ball is a little addition to the already existing Workout Wonder range, which is designed for you to pop in your gym bag and roll onto specific aches and pulls, wherever you are!

The rollerball is designed to let you massage any small areas where you’re feeling a little tense, such as hard-working legs, achy upper backs and tight necks and shoulders, so it really targets and helps soothe aching muscles. It’s best to roll on straight after your workout, then again the following morning.

The Workout Wonder Invigorating Muscle Gel can be used pre or post workout. It can help prevent muscle soreness and also help relax already aching muscles. Its cooling effect revives sore muscles and the blend of natural essential oils eases any tensions from everyday life.

Another way to ease aching muscles is to have a lovely warm bath, it’s the perfect way to finish a workout in our opinion! Pour in some Liquid Yoga Bath Soak and relax in the ambiance of the blend of essential oils, mineral salts and therapeutic herbs. Ease stress and anxiety and applaud yourself for the hard work you’ve just put in!

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