5 Steps to an APPsolutley, much-needed Digital Detox

Whilst it cannot be denied that technology has made life easier in many ways, for example road maps, easy access to emails and online shopping; our constant interaction with our mobile phones, Facebook, Twitter and goodness knows what else, can cause a huge distraction in our lives, a digital detox could be needed!  Despite the price of concert tickets rocketing in recent years, we seem insistent on spending the entire concert taking photos and videos on our mobile phones. It seems we are intent on living our lives vicariously through our devices. So –enter our tips for a Digital Detox.

  1. Buy an Alarm clock

For almost all of us, this is the first interaction we have with our mobile phones. From the second we wake up, we switch our alarms off, and go directly to our Facebook and Instagram feeds. Only after scrolling through posts from people we haven’t spoken to for ten years do we find the energy to get out of bed and into the shower. Buying an alarm clock means this initial interaction with your mobile phone is unneeded and could save us a lot of time in the morning –more time for yoga, liquid eye liner –or even an extra ten minutes in bed!

  1. Friends and Food before Phones

Our lives are busy; so on the rare occasion you take time out to spend some time with friends, go for a meal or socialise otherwise, make sure you actually pay attention and enjoy it! More and more often, phones stay on the table for the duration of a meal out, which ten years ago would have been considered bad manners. If you are only half-engaged when you’re socialising, you can only expect your relationships will suffer.

  1. Digital Detox Bedroom Benefits

Running through your social media feed in bed might seem to be doing no harm but recent studies have suggested that the Light-emitting Diodes (LEDs) present on our tablets and mobile phones effect the release of melatonin (the chemical that prepares the body for sleep), whilst the content we are consuming can be stimulating for our brains, disturbing our night’s sleep and, in some cases, causing insomnia.

Aside from sleep, mobile phones can affect our other bedroom activity too. Engaging with our mobile phones instead of our partners can cause arguments and have a negative effect on our relationships.

  1. Relax…

Ever tired our Liquid Yoga Bath Soak? The calming scent of lavender and cypress leaf oil will help you dissolve any weary woes. We truly believe that a Liquid Yoga bath is best served cold turkey i.e. NO TECHNOLOGY!!! It’s very rare that you can fully switch off from the world, so why not sit back, relax and let all your muscles relax.

  1. Disable Push Notifications

Hardly a few minutes go by without our phones lighting up with yet another notification. Turning off push notifications will you back in charge of your phone and your time -check the apps you want to, when you want to, and stay focused on other things when you need to.



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