Mental fitness – Get Mentally Fit Before Your Workout!

Happiness is the key to exercising, or in some cases exercising is the key to happiness! Your mental fitness is just as important as your physical fitness; the two go hand in hand. At mama mio, we believe that in order to keep fit you must be in the right frame of mind, so our feel-good experts are on hand to send out the positive vibes! Find out their favourite way to get in the mood (for exercise) below…

Shut Out The Negativity

Negative thoughts are your biggest obstacle for mental fitness. Learning to filter these out will dramatically improve your well-being, both inside and out! Why not try meditation to kick things off, this simple technique will allow you to sit back, relax and have a little mio time. Time this up with our Liquid Yoga Bath Soak and you’ve got the perfect combination!

Set Goals

Now we aren’t talking about unrealistic goals here, after all you’re pregnant, so you need to take it easy! Setting goals such as taking a walk each morning or committing to your weekly yoga class is more than achievable – all you have to do is believe!

Picture It

During pregnancy it’s more important than ever to live a healthy lifestyle and there’s nothing more empowering than picturing your new born in your arms. So if you’re ever feeling disheartened, this is the perfect way to pick up your spirits!

Plan Your Meals

A balanced diet is the secret to a balanced life! With so many options you may end up exhausting your willpower, so why not remove these decisions? Even planning just one meal a day in advance will make healthy eating a realistic goal (easier said than done with those pesky cravings)!

Take Time Out

It’s OK to give in sometimes. The most important thing is to listen to your body, after all you’re growing a ‘mini me’ in there!
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