You Are What You Yoga  

Do you yoga? If not, there’s no time like the present to get started because September is national yoga month! As you may have guessed, we LOVE yoga, so much so that we actually named Liquid Yoga after it.

All month you will find creative and informative posts across our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blog to keep all you yogis motivated! So to start off, we want to highlight the benefits that yoga and meditation has on both your body and mind.

Yoga and meditation has sky rocketed in the recent years. As the popularity grew in the states, we Brits across the pond were just catching on! Today, yoga is widely practiced as it aims to de-stress both body and mind, while focusing on core muscles that are often forgotten.

Great for people of any age, yoga will replenish the body and soul. It’s a revitalising way to wake up in the morning or wind down at night. The relaxing nature of yoga will unravel your mind and calm your body to release any stress and worries. Be warned though, it’s truly addictive! Take it from us – once you start you won’t be able to stop!

woman doing yoga with sunset

With yoga and meditation, you can escape the repetition of your daily routine. Even if meditation isn’t your ‘thing’, over time yoga will subconsciously place your mind in a meditated state. This will enable you to stay focused for longer and will allow you to manage any anxiety that you may be suffering from – self-medication at its best!

Yoga also teaches the body to be patient. Improvement is a gradual process as it takes time to train your body and activate core muscles. However, like many things in life, the more you practise the better you will become. Yoga and meditation will not only improve your physical stamina, your mental endurance will significantly increase also. Once the two are connected, your skills will dramatically improve.

Yoga focuses on your core strength through isometric exercises. Although often overlooked, core muscle improvement will allow your body to withstand difficult positions for a longer period of time. Flexibility and balance are key while undertaking any yoga pose, both of which stem from your core. Instead of building muscle quickly, yoga enables your body to develop long, lean muscles and over time these will become defined and toned.

Powered by Hollywood, the yoga empire has grown rapidly and has spurred the development of non-traditional techniques. From relaxation to bikram, there will be a yoga style specifically catered to you. Quit your excuses and get started on your yoga journey – it is yoga month after all!

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Olga Kasprzyk

Olga Kasprzyk

Writer and expert