Self-Love February: The Ultimate Self-Love Bodycare Routine

For our third instalment in self-love February, we’ll be looking at the self-care Mio routine that will help you look and feel your best.

Our skin is our bodies largest organ, so it’s important that we treat it with the same level of respect that we’d treat our internal organs. It’s the barrier between our insides and all of the elements, toxins and nasties which we encounter on a daily basis, so it’s super important that it’s as strong as it can be to ensure maximum protection.

This self-love skincare routine will help you achieve skin as strong as you are, ensuring your body is ready for everything the world has to throw at it!

Step 1.

Body Brush

We don’t need to tell you again why body brushing is so good for you but in short, it helps detoxify, stimulate and renew skin. Brush from the bottom of your feet to the top of your legs in long sweeping motions, and repeat on your arms. Brush on your stomach in circular, clockwise strokes to compliment the direction of your digestive system. Do this for roughly 3 minutes for a refreshed, vibrant and healthy glow.

Step 2.



Step 3.


Once out of the shower, it’s time to focus on targeted skincare. Each different part of the body, has different needs, and the skin on our chests differs greatly from the skin on our legs.

The skin on our chest is the same as that underneath our eyelids and is particularly delicate, so for this area use Boob Tube+. Rich in CoQ10, Hyaluronic Acid and a wealth of active naturals, Boob Tube+ will help repair sun damage, brighten and tone breasts.

To help tone your tummy, Get Waisted’s trusted formulations will work wonders. Massage one pump of the cream in clockwise strokes into your stomach, waist and back, for around 30 seconds. With pharmaceutical grade caffeine, Oat Protein Complex and Adiposlim TM, as well as a wealth of other natural ingredients, Get Waisted will help tighten, brighten and tone the skin on your tummy.

Step 4.


As we are all well aware, the basics of bodycare start and finish with a good moisturiser. Dehydrated skin ages prematurely, blemishes easily and is prone to problems and irritations. Future Proof Firming Active Body Butter is an indulgent and rich butter that’s packed full of essentials oils and natural actives that will deeply nourish and richly hydrate skin. The perfect end to a self-care pamper session.

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