A Sunday Well Spent Brings a Week of Content

It’s a sad affair when Monday comes back round, and it’s ever so tempting to stick your head straight back under the duvet for that extra 10 minutes in bed. So, we’ve come up with a few ways to make the most of your Sunday eve and make your Monday morning that little bit easier.

We all remember the good old school days when we’d get our bags all packed the night before so we could grab them in the morning and go without scrabbling around for our pencil case. Well let’s apply that trick to our adulthood and get a bit more organised. Put everything you’re going to need in your bag ready. Whether it’s your notebook, laptop or lippy, get it all packed up before you go to bed so you’re safe in the knowledge that in the morning you won’t need to spend 15 minutes running round trying to find everything.

One thing we all tend to do is put things off. Need to go to the dentist? I’ll book it next week. Hair needs washing? I’ll do it in the morning. Well this needs to stop immediately. Wash and dry your hair the night before and sleep in a ponytail or plait to stop it going haywire, and you’ll save yourself at least 30 minutes in the morning. Yes it can be tricky when you just want to climb into bed at night but trust us, you’ll be glad of it!

The best way to prepare for a Monday is to get yourself pampered and preened so you can roll out of bed looking (almost) set for the day! Do a night time skincare routine that plumps, soothes ad hydrates your skin so you wake up revived and pretty. Cleanse, moisturise, massage, apply serum and eye cream, and once a week use a very low retinol or BHA liquid to resurface your skin. Don’t forget your SPF the next day though as your skin will be more sensitive than usual and the sun exposure could cause pigmentation. Not a goog look!

Lastly, put your phone on charge in another room to avoid checking your social media when you should be getting your beauty sleep, and go to bed at a reasonable time (7 to 8 hours sleep is recommended). You’ll be jumping out of bed come Monday! We promise!

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