Top 3 Tips For The Perfect Waist

A slim, defined waist is one of the most coveted parts of a woman’s figure and many would attest a trim waist as a sign of overall health and wellness for both men and women. Achieving a perfect waistline takes time and effort with three important factors to consider. Looking at what you eat, what you’re doing in the gym (or at home – because an hour vacuuming definitely counts as cardio, right?) and how you’re caring for your body will all play in to how you look and feel overtime. We like to call this the “flat belly sandwich” and the recipe for success is as follows:

Sweat For It

As much as we wish we could all have perfect figures with no effort, you can’t deny that getting hot and sweaty working out helps you carve out the body you want. Any type of cardio is brilliant for burning fat which stubbornly sits on our stomachs so choose whatever exercise you enjoy best and then introduce some toning techniques into your workout for optimum results.

Eat For It

Looking at what goes into your body will help you understand why it looks and feels the way that it does. No amount of stomach crunches in the world can promise you a flat stomach but a healthy diet, full of a fresh ingredients; fibre to keep everything running smoothly and avoiding bloating, laying off too much salty foods as sodium makes you retain water, and snacking smart with almonds for instance which are rich in protein and keep you from reaching for something sweet and sugary and of course, drinking ample of water will help.

Care For It

Fortunately for us, not everything that attributes to a taught tummy comes from hard work, in fact caring for your figure is all about pampering! With a healthy-eating regime and regular exercise all accounted for, caring for your skin is the cherry on top. Using the right products will improve the look and feel of the skin on your stomach. Get Waisted helps improve the appearance and elasticity of your skin through adding moisture, visibly firms with its caffeine ingredient and it is a treat to apply too, simply use one pump and massage it in. To amplify the firming effects of Get Waisted, partner it with Skin Tight, Mio’s firming serum which smoothens the appearance of skin and gets to work on overstretched tummies. The serum offers instant effects as well as long-term benefits. Instantly you’ll notice visibly brighter skin thanks to the Pomegranate Seed Oil and Papaya working as a natural fruit acid to exfoliate dull, dead skin cells and Vitamin C gets to work on the body’s production of collagen for firmer skin.

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