Spring forward – Things to look forward to in spring

Spring has finally sprung and after what feels like months in hibernation, we are certainly looking forward to the change in seasons!

To celebrate the arrival of spring, we’ve rounded up up some of our favourite things we are looking forward to make the most of this wonderful weather and beautiful sunshine!


1. Sunny skies and crisp spring air!

At the end of the winter season we can often find ourselves feeling a little moody and down. Known as ‘SAD‘, seasonal affective disorder is associated with low levels of sunlight exposure. Of course ‘SAD’ reaches a peak at the end of winter as we’ve been all wrapped up and our skin hasn’t seen a lot of sun! The good news is that the arrival of spring means our bodies start to get more exposure to sunlight and our brains respond by producing mood boosting hormones into our bodies.

Of course, daylight savings also starts in March which means that we spring forward our clocks by an hour and you’ve got more time in the day to enjoy the daylight! Take advantage of the gorgeous spring weather and take the whole family outside to shake off your winter ‘SAD’.


2. Re-aquainting ourselves with the great outdoors! 

The arrival of spring weather means we don’t have to spend the days cooped up inside anymore watching endless episodes of Peppa Pig & Jake the Pirate!

There are an abundance of activities that are perfect for your family to start enjoying the beautiful spring air. Some of our favourites spring activities include:

– Get a few families together and go on a picnic! Remember to pack loads of seasonal produce (juicy melon and pineapple tubs), your kite and a ball to kick around!

– Have a treasure hunt! Leave some clues around the garden or in your local park and send the kids on an adventure!

– Plant a vegie patch or some new greenery for spring! Don’t have a garden? Why don’t you try growing some herbs in a planter instead?

– Make a tee pee or build an outdoor tent for the kids to play in. This is guaranteed to deliver hours of entertainment!

– Take the family on a bike riding through the park or along the cycle path by the beach and stop off for a well deserved ice-cream!


3. Eating the rainbow with spring produce 

After eating piping hot shepherd pies and chicken soup all winter, we are looking forward to an injection of beautiful new spring fruit and vegetables. Not only is seasonal food fresher, but is also tends to be tastier and more nutritious because it doesn’t have to travel so far to reach our plates! Healthier for us and better for the planet – that’s a win-win!

Seasonal vegies arriving in spring include asparagus, fennel, snow peas, corn and artichokes. Spring fruits are even more exciting with honeydew melons, mangoes, oranges, pineapples, rhubarb and strawberries all coming into season! #eattherainbow


4. Freshening up the house with some spring flowers 

Of course, how could we mention seasonal spring produce without mentioning the arrival of so many gorgeous spring blooms!

Take advantage of all the beautiful varieties of spring flowers by visiting your local flower market and picking up some blooms to make your place feel nice and fresh! Flowers such as cherry blossoms, peonies and hydrangeas are some great varieties to buy because they have harder stems and tend to last longer.

If you want to make your bunch of blooms last even longer then remember to the stems back 1-2 inches at an angle and pop them in a sugar water solution (1 Tbsp or white vinegar with 1 Tbsp sugar into 500mL of water).


5. Healthy, spring ready skin!

Spring weather means we can start to peel off all our layers and give our skin some much needed love an attention!

If you find yourself staring at some pretty scaly, flaky skin after 3+months in hibernation then you probably need some serious exfoliation and alot of moisturising!

mio’s Strong is the New Skinny Kit is the answer to your winter skincare woes. The travel sized kit includes the Double Buff double action enzyme exfoliator, Future Proof active body butter and The Activist firming active body oil and together these skin saviors will transform your tired winter skin into superbly soft and dewy skin ready for spring!



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