8 Best Instagram Accounts for Healthy Food

With winter just around the corner we’re craving some meal inspo to get us through the darker months. So this week at Mio we take a look at the 8 best Instagram accounts for healthy food.


Crisper clear out curry. My lunch for the next 47 days.

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Sara Forte and her partner Hugh work together on this hugely successful blog, aiming to make”healthy-ish food that fits into your everyday life, using mostly produce, whole grains, healthy fats, natural sugar alternatives and the like.” This loved up pair have made huge strides on their endeavour, having released 2 cookbooks with a 3rd on the way, offering family friendly, simple, fresh meals to tantalise the taste buds.


With a Chinese-German background, the flavours Viola works with are super varied and her page is amazing for inspiring healthy alternatives to some of our favourite – albeit naughtier – meals. Expect treats such as flatbread pizzas, tofu dumplings and spinach & sweet potato quesadillas, making her a strong contender for one of the best Instagram accounts for healthy food.


Caitlin Ann Shoemaker is the creator behind this fabulous account, sharing recipes, yoga tips and general lifestyle guidance. Caitlin believes “that vegan food does not have to be expensive, complicated, and/or bland” and we are so here for that. Her “Fudgy Almond Butter Brownies” are a must try!


Jeanette Ogden is a health food enthusiast and yoga sculpt instructor based in the OC. Her page is not only amazing for recipes and health tips, but she also provides honest, real insight into modern day family life. Expect good food, cute babies and envy-inducing holiday pics.


After her husband was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, Lindsay transformed from a “second piece of cake kind of girl” and became a resource “where people can be guaranteed delicious, wholesome recipes”. One of our faves is her caramelised onion, spinach and feta turkey burgers on a sweet potato bun!


Caleb: “what’re you singing?”. Me: “a song from Pocahontas 2”. Caleb: “there’s a Pocahontas 2?”. Me: “sure is!”. Because apparently my mind deems it appropriate to forgot family members birthdays while holding onto vital information like all the lyrics to a terrible movie that I saw 10 years ago ??‍♀️ Luckily I can also at least remember to meal prep some sort of sweet potato every week … so there is that ?‍♀️? . Details:? . Sweet potato toasts topped with: 1. Strawberry yogurt, kiwi, and pb 2. Granola butter, banana, and chocolate chia seeds 3. Chocolate hazelnut spread, blueberries, perfect bar . #servingupsimplicity #goodeats #realsimple #buzzfeedfood #bgbcommunity #healthyfood #lovefood #fitness #fitfoodie #foodisfuel #fuelyourbody #thekitchn #feedyourbrain #getinmybelly #sweetpotatotoast #sweetpotato #iamwellandgood #goodmoodfood #healthyrecipe #thefeedfeed #foods4thought #eeeeeats #todayfood #huffposttaste #brekkie #tastemade

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Simple, honest, easy food that both looks and tastes delicious. What’s not to like? This insta makes healthy eating super accessible, showing you how you can incorporate fresh, non-processed alternatives into your breakfast, lunch and dinner times.


“I try to live simply, eat seasonally, and cook with whole foods. My hope is to inspire a love for amazing food, as well as the courage to try something new!” We love Tieghan’s ethos and think this is a super honourable reason to get into cooking. This Coconut Banana Cake is to die for!




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