What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Virgo 

Are you a zodiac sceptic? Well it’s the perfect time to test the theory with astrological predictions!

During the nine month stretch, some questions will go unanswered until you meet your baby. Hours, even days, will be spent wondering what your baby will be like! Astrological predictions are a great way to unravel all those thoughts.

So you’re having a Virgo – Congratulations! According to zodiac gurus, your Virgo baby will be a perfectionist who is objective, intelligent and precise. Their virginal qualities will enable them to remain modest and composed in any situation. However don’t be fooled by their calm exterior because Virgos are restless and can be impatient, so make sure you have that hospital bag ready!

Each zodiac sign has a ruling planet, which is the only connection between astrology and astronomy.  It is suggested that a Virgo’s personality is determined by Mercury, the planet which orbits the sun every 88 days. Consequently, Virgos are restless individuals and love to work at a fast pace. Their energetic personality will complement their desire to learn; a great asset during their working life.

Not forgetting their objective critical eye, Virgos often focus their attention on others who need help. After analysing what needs to be done, Virgos will then put an effective plan in place to achieve a positive outcome. A Virgo enjoys studying situations in great detail, whether that is a project or a friendship. Although this may seem overwhelming at times, Virgos truly believe that this is for the greater good.

According to astrological predictions, your baby will be grounded and honest due to their earthly element. Virgo is an earth sign meaning that they enjoy building things from the ground up. They make things happen through clear examination and determination. Virgos hold the desire to surround themselves with what’s right and many find themselves as very successful business executives. Watch out because you may have a mini Steve Jobs on your hands!

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Get practicing your Cluedo skills too because apparently your Virgo baby will be an investigating genius. Their analytical nature will make them the perfect police officer or private detective!

If you are currently decorating the nursery, yellow would be great colour to choose. According to astrologists, the earthly tones of yellow will calm and soothe your Virgo baby. By surrounding them with their zodiac colour, the theory suggests that your baby will relax and settle quicker.

Your baby will be an able communicator right from the moment they are born. Although you may not understand them just yet, take the time to appreciate your beautiful baby! Astrological predictions are a great way to explore your baby’s potential personality. If the theory is correct, you’re in for a treat. Enjoy every minute!

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Olga Kasprzyk

Olga Kasprzyk

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