First Trimester Essentials

Your First Trimester lasts from week 1 through to the end of your 13th week and by the end of this trimester your baby is the size of a lemon! Pregnancy hormones are starting to surge around your body triggering those early changes such as dryness and misbehaving breakouts. A gorgeous tiny bump might even start to make an appearance!

Both Butter and Oil provide the same super results - simply choose based on your texture preference!

The Tummy Rub Butter

During the first trimester your skin is going to be working hard to begin stretching to make room for your new little miracle. Help increase skin elasticity as early as possible to do your best to prevent those dreaded stretch marks. Our best-selling Tummy Rub Butter is bursting with a blend of omega packed organic oils in an organic Shea Butter Base for maximum protection and strong, healthy and elasticised skin.

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The Tummy Rub Oil

Our Tummy Rub Oil is super-elasticising and bursting with essential Omegas for the maximum protection against stretch marks and itchy tummies. It's both pregnancy safe and smells amazing! Use in your first trimester for strong, healthy skin and the best protection against stretch marks.

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Megamama Super Rich Omega Body Lotion

Wishing for that gorgeous pregnancy glow and instead your skin feels scaly and itchy? Due to hormonal changes and a loss of fluids and omegas travelling from you to your baby a lot of mamas-to-be get dry, dehydrated and irritated skin. Megamama is rich in vital omegas and superfoods to nourish skin and give it a gorgeous radiance. Use from the first trimester to keep skin strong and elasticised and help your body accommodate your baby.

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Pregnancy Boob Tube

As your second trimester comes around it’s not just your stomach that has starting expanding, your boobs will have also begun to expand too! Even up to as much as three cup sizes bigger than usual! Although there’s definitely nothing wrong with having cups that runneth over, the skin on your breasts and décolletage is particularly fragile and not very elastic. Our Pregnancy Boob Tube rich in vital Omegas, antioxidants and green cabbage extract to hydrate and elasticise delicate skin providing the strength and protection you need as your cup size changes. Layer over your tummy rub of choice to protect against stretch marks.

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