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Treat your skin to a little luxury with our revitalising range. We understand how hard your body is working right now – it’s making a mini miracle! Take time out to focus on you and our wonderful hydrating collection will allow you to do so!

When you step out the shower, the first layer you can put on is Megamama which helps to ensure your skin stays looking gorgeous at all times! Our hydrating body lotion is super rich in Omegas 3, 6 and 9, which can contribute to improving the appearance of skin tone. Megamama is the superfood of nutritional skin care. Our super-safe lotion works hard to contribute nutrients which are essential for your skin's resilience under the added pressue of pregnancy. This powerful moisturiser aims to give you skin that looks smoother, brighter, hydrated and FIT.

Top Tip – Start at the tips of your toes to the top of your head, cover every inch in this super formula.

Lucky Legs
The cooling leg gel can help to revitalise heavy legs in a matter of minutes.

This DIY spa treatment can help to revive those tired legs with a blast of instant freshness. Reap maximum benefits by thoroughly massaging Lucky Legs into tired muscles and the cooling sensation will soon take over.

Top Tip – When you get too big to see your ankles, don’t miss out – get someone else to do it for you! This is your time to sit back and relax…