Created by 4 mamas, for mamas

Established in 2004, Mama Mio was one of the first brands dedicated entirely to pregnancy skincare. Our founders, four mamas, struggled to find high quality, effective skincare during their pregnancies and so they developed their own range of pregnancy-safe skincare.

It all began with The Tummy Rub Butter

Our Tummy Rub Butter quickly became a globally renowned, cult-pregnancy product. Loved by countless mamas, our stretch mark protection butter became a pregnancy saviour for mamas all over the world. 15 years later and we’ve expanded the family and welcomed the arrivals of 14 other products (including different variations of our Tummy Rub Butter) to help you through the nine month stretch.

Our Omega Skin Stretch Complex

Omegas, also known as essential fatty acids, are more important than ever during pregnancy, not only for the baby growing inside you, but for your skin as well. As your skin begins to stretch, your elastin fibres are put under pressure. Omegas help the bonds between these fibres stay together, and in turn help to protect against stretch marks. Our products are packed with plant-based actives and contain a unique omega-rich blend that not only deeply moisturises, but work to elasticise the areas where they are needed most.

Clinically-proven pregnancy skincare that works

We know that it’s not good enough to just tell you that our products work. So, we put them to the test in various user and clinical trials. 100% of mamas would recommend our Tummy Rub Oil and Our Tummy Rub Butter is clinically proven to increase skin elasticity by 11%.* Our Mama Marks Cream is clinically proven to reduce the appearance, colour and texture of existing stretch marks. 83% of mamas agreed that their stretch marks were transformed!**

Protecting future generations

Our ingredients and packaging are made with both mamas, and the next generation, in mind. All of our products are dermatologically tested and vegan. We use the highest quality of ingredients and have packed our products full of plant-based actives so we can deliver the best bump, and body care in the business. Our promise to protect future generations also extends to our packaging. Our plastic and card is 100% recyclable and our tubes are made using cutting-edge technology which means that they are 80% sugarcane!

*Tested on 60 women in an independent clinical trial
**Tested on 80 women in an independent clinical trial

Trusted, proven results

We are trusted by mamas globally and use the best quality ingredients both safe for mama and baby. Our products are dermatologically tested and include our unique Omega Rich Skin Stretch Complex that deeply nourishes, hydrates, elasticises skin and is clinically proven* to help prevent stretch marks.
*Independent Clinical Trial