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Our restorative formulas may help to dissolve any weary woes. If you are looking to energise or relax, you've come to the right place! Our mission is to reduce everyday stresses that you may experience. Our invigorating range refocuses all of our attention on your well-being and mindfulness.

We care about YOU! Think refresh, think Zen, think Mio.

Workout Wonder

Our invigorating cool aid can help soothe muscles and ease feelings of stress. The gel can be used pre or post workout. If used before, then Workout Wonder can help to prep your body for intense training! Use after and our gel will assist your cool down. So now you can wake up happy every day!
Why not rub into temples and necks to ease stiffness and help the stresses of daily life. It’s a little treat that doesn’t go a miss at Mio HQ!

Liquid Yoga

Soak away stress and invigorate your senses with our Liquid Yoga. We understand the aching pain that muscle tension can cause, so why not end your day with our wind down wonder. Rich in minerals and herbs, this unique blend can contribute to transforming your tired body. With a high concentration of magnesium, Liquid Yoga use may help to relieve achey feelings.

Do you have trouble with sleeping? Then our restorative bath soak may help to de-stress both your body and mind. With extracts of lavender and cypress leaf oil, Liquid Yoga can aid a peaceful night’s sleep.

We understand the luxury of lying in a tub of bubbles, but many do not realise that SLS, the ingredient that creates bubbles, is also found in your dishwashing liquid and floor cleaner. The common skin irritant is not used in our Liquid Yoga, so you can relax assured that your skin comes first with Mio.

Warning – May Cause Happiness