3 Ways to get Gorgeously Glowing Skin, with Zero Effort!

3 Ways to get Gorgeously Glowing Skin, with Zero Effort!

We All Want Glowing Skin

We all want that gorgeous pregnancy radiance that everyone is always raving about, that glowing skin radiating from within caused by that little one growing inside you, and some of you lucky mamas will get that! However the rest of us may end up with dry, dull or super sensitive skin aggravated by hormonal fluctuations. Plus those sleepless nights caused by that sometimes uncomfortable bump and needing to wee every 20mins can leave you a little puffy eyed. We’ve got 3 easy solutions from diet to skincare to help you get that glow! 

Glow from Within

Our Glow from Within Pregnancy Smoothie is a super easy and quick way to pack in the nutrients with zero effort. It’s bursting with vitamin C, anti-oxidants and omegas to to nourish you body and your skin from the inside out! See the recipe here to start glowing from within!

Way to Glow

way to glow- glowing skin

Those pregnancy hormones we mentioned earlier? Not only can they leave your skin dry and sensitive they can also make you feel overheated- it’s not called having a ‘bun in the oven’ for nothing! We’ve got the answer to your pregnancy skincare prayers! Our NEW Way to Glow facial mist is cooling, calming and ultra-refreshing to give your skin a much needed pep up on the go!

With soothing Aloe Vera, Bamboo Leaf Extract and anti-inflammatory active to keep over-heated, tired and hormonal skin cool, nourished soothed and radiant. It’s perfect to spritz on before makeup to prime and prep your skin. Or top up throughout the day over makeup for instant refreshment. It’s also fragranced with our signature Gravida scent (amazing for even the most delicate of pregnant noses!) If you’ve used any of our products before you most likely already love it- and if you’re new to mama mio you’ve been missing out!

Gorgeous Glow

glowing skin- 3step set

Found yourself with misbehaving breakouts? Again, those pregnancy hormones are acting up!  Our Gorgeous Glow facial wash (available in a kit, or can be purchased separately)  will give you a deep and thorough cleanse, balancing your skin beautifully with Probiotics and moisturising Omegas to nourish the skin. With lactic Acid, the safest, most effective natural exfoliant to help buff away dead skin and the build up of serbum. It’s this waxy, oily substance that you produce more of during pregnancy. Serbum clogs pores leading to bacteria and breakouts. Gorgeous Glow also contains Tea Tree extract and antioxidant-rich Green Tea to keep your skin looking strong and bouncy.

Why not try our Gorgeous Glow 3-Step Set which also includes our brightening eye serum to zap away dark circles and our brightening night and day cream.

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