Our Sustainable Packaging: How we tread gently on the planet

At Mama Mio, it’s important to us that we help to protect the planet with our sustainable packaging and create a better and brighter world for our future generations….

Whether you’ve already had your babies, you’re about to pop or you’re in-between the two, we know that living an eco-conscious life is now more important to you than ever. After all, caring for your babies means caring for the environment they are going to grow up in. The world seems different with your little tots around and although we’re all beginning to live a greener lifestyle, there’s still plenty of work to do to make sure that the world your children grow up in is looked after. Read on to discover more about our sustainable packaging and what we do to tread gently on the planet.

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100% Recyclable Tubes & Jars

All of our tubes and jars are completely 100% recyclable. Once you’re done with the product (don’t forget to re-stock!), simply give it a quick rinse and pop it in your plastic recycling bin – caps and all! Our tubes are made from sugarcane polymer, a natural bioplastic that acts as a great substitute for nasty, non-recyclable plastic made from fossil fuels. It’s just as strong and just as durable but totally environmentally-friendly. We’re always trying to improve, and this recent switch to sugarcane plastic meant that we now use 18% fewer emissions producing our tubes. We’ll always be completely transparent with you – our pumps are not yet recyclable however, we’re working super hard on this to find an alternative. Our bottles are though, so you can pop those straight into the recycling bin, too.

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100% Recyclable Cardboard Packaging

We strive to give you the highest quality natural ingredients and premium packaging to match. All of our products are encased in a 100% recyclable cardboard carton. Simply remove the product from this packaging, flatten the carton down and pop in your paper recycling bin once you’re done with it. Our cardboard is FSC certified and solely comes from forests that are managed by the Forest Stewardship Council. This incredible organisation helps to ensure that our forests are responsibly looked after and the people that work there and the wildlife that live there are cared for and looked after.

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A Little Mama Time

Give yourself some well-deserved self-care and stock up on one of our body care bundles, perfectly curated for the nine-month stretch and beyond.

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