Reasons To Love Yourself

Reasons To Love Yourself

How many times a day do you scroll through your Instagram feed or flip through a magazine and think to yourself if only I had thinner thighs, longer eyelashes or a flatter stomach then I would be a better and happier version of myself?

We are all so good at talking ourselves down but when was the last time you thought about your self-worth, just as you are?

If the answer is rarely or never then you could be jeopardising your health, your relationships with others and potentially turning away your next partner! Here are a few important reasons why you should love yourself!

Loving yourself makes you more attractive

Whilst loving yourself more isn’t going to make you look like you stepped out of a four hour session at a beauty salon,  studies have found that it does make you more attractive to others. Being happy with who you are gives you more confidence and this is a trait that we subconsciously find more attractive in others.

People who are happy with themselves also tend to have beautiful smiles which makes them seem warm and welcoming. Unfortunately no matter how many cheesy selfies you take, a genuine smile from someone that loves themselves can’t be faked because these smiles come from within and light up the room!

People like people who like themselves 

People that love themselves tend to look for the positive things about themselves and not the 10,000 reasons why they don’t look like a Victoria Secret Model. Think about one of your friends or family members that are very happy in their own skin – do you notice that they have an approachable and positive aura that you are drawn to? That’s because people who like themselves radiate their self-confidence and happiness out towards others and this in turn makes us feel better about ourselves too.

Loving yourself teaches you how others should treat you

Of course those people that love themselves generally tend to have a higher standard of self-worth and therefore know how well they should be treated by others. If you fall out of line, then don’t be surprised if don’t hear from them for a while because they only want to be around people that boost them up, not bring them down!

Being happy with yourself is better for your health 

The more you love yourself, the more likely you want to take good care of the one and only body that you have. This means caring about what goes into your body, ensuring you exercise and making time to connect with family and friends.

People that are happy with themselves also tend to be better at letting go of negative comments and not let these grate on them all day. We know that having a positive mind is better for your mental health and it also helps to reduce stress which is linked to high blood pressure and heart problems. In the words of Frozen – “Let it go”.



So it seems like there are so many very good reasons to love yourself! Next time you find yourself looking at yourself in the mirror why don’t you take a hard look and ask yourself and ask…

‘What do I love about myself and why do I think others love me?’

You might find something you like… YOU!

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