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How to be stress free this Christmas

With only 10 days to go, there’s no denying that the festive season is well and truly upon us. Decorations adorn the shops, presents are beginning to be wrapped and we can almost smell the Christmas dinner cooking.

We’re less welcoming however, of the relative chaos which can encapsulate the feelings of good tidings and cheer. With what feels like hoards of people to buy, cook and find space for, a time that’s supposed to be a break from the year just passed can often leave us itching to get back to work and normal routine.

To help you find peace this year and truly enjoy your time with family, friends and loved ones, we’ll show you how to be stress free with our tips on Christmas calm.

Find time for yourself

One thing that many find overwhelming at Christmas is the sheer amount of people you are expected to see. From aunties and uncles, to old friends and new, it’s typical to find yourself booked up from the 23rd right through to the new year.

Nice though this is, it’s pretty common to be exhausted by the sheer wealth of social responsibility, so it’s important to find the time to recuperate, restore and clear your head, so as to ensure you can enjoy each of your individual occasions as much as possible.

Our favourite way to do this is with a deep hot bath, a magazine and a good dose of Mio’s Liquid Yoga Bath Soak. The indulgent blend of Epsom salts, Lavender and Essential Oils will prompt reminiscence of spa days gone by and will ensure you find your own personal haven in all of the festive frenzy.

Get outside

When it comes to the big day itself, there usually tends to be a pretty dramatic split of energy levels across the family. Kids, still high from the fact that Father Christmas has been proven real and has in fact eaten all of the mince pies, run circles around the house, demanding games, attention and enthusiasm. The adults on the other hand, full of food, wine and an unashamed cynicism, veg in front of the television, with some usually asleep by 4pm.

One trick we find helpful in combatting this divide is getting outside and going for a walk. After the presents have been opened, whilst dinner is cooking, round up your gang, hats gloves and all and head out in the crisp winter air for an hour or two.

It will have the desired effect on both sides of camp; the little ones will run off some of that pent up festive energy, and the adults will actually acquire some more; feeling refreshed and rebalanced after a little gentle exercise.

By the time you’ve returned home, everyone will have worked up an appetite and the day will be a stress free one.

Don’t drink too much

We know this one is easier said than done over the Christmas period as the aforementioned social occasions usually revolve around getting merry with your family and friends. Alcohol however, although initially a relaxant, heightens levels of anxiety thanks to its impact on our serotonin levels and other neurotransmitters.

By over-indulging, we highly reduce our chances of a stress free season. Those little irritants which were previously only minor, like the carnage of wrapping paper engulfing the living room, appear much more frustrating when suffering from the post-booze blues. Now of course we’re not saying don’t drink but simply be conscious of consumption levels and the impact it could be having on your already overwhelmed temperament.

We hope you find our tips and tricks on how to be stress free and find your own dose of Christmas calm helpful and most of all, we hope you have a FABULOUS, FIT SKIN Christmas.

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