our story

As the worldʼs wordiest skincare brand, youʼll not be surprised to know that there is a long story behind the birth of our brand new range, Mio and of course our very first skincare range, Mama Mio.

Suffice to say, it has been the proverbial rollercoaster of highs and lows, joy and despair. But with absolute certainty we can say, hand on hearts, the last 8 years have been the best thing we have ever done. OK, having 9 kids between us was also pretty high on the list of achievements for us four founders. In fact, it really is not that different.

Creating a new brand, unlike anything else that is already out there, making it the best it can possibly be, watching it grow and flourish, seeing how if affects the people around us and eventually the people who live far and wide, is exactly like having another child. One that you are super proud of and that you know has been put on this planet to instigate a change, in a positive and passionate way

8 years ago, Sian, Tanya, Kathy and Jill – 3 from UK and one from sunny California – created a very new kind of skincare range. read more >

And now…8, years on… welcome our brand new brand, Mio. Our entire gang is pretty obsessed with fitness and wellbeing read more >

skin fitness

We talk a lot about skin fitness … and what we love about fit skin is that it is totally personal.

Doing what it is amazing at, glowing with energy and vitality. Your skin is an incredible organ, feed it right from inside and out and it will exude health and happiness. Fit skin is not some Hollywood airbrushed perfection that is totally unachievable for you. Everyoneʼs fit skin is unique – just as it should be. Time has come, girls, for us to celebrate our uniqueness, to stand tall and walk proud, filled with confidence that we are all beautiful.

So our Mio message is move your body. It doesnʼt need to be structured exercise, just get up and move! Because movement gives you energy, vitality and makes you feel good. And feeling good is the first step to really looking good.

I hope this story shows that we run Mio in a very different way, a very female way. We are not simply focused on the bottom line. Success and achievement are measured differently. It is measured first and foremost on what we have done to help women feel more confident; not on how many products we have sold. It is a different kind of accounting but we believe it may catch on!

Our belief is that this is a new way to build a business, where we think about women first and profit second. It may not get us the superyacht in San Tropez, but when we receive the kind of testimonials and letters our Mama Mio fans send us, it is worth all the gold in the world. We Our goal is to give you gorgeously fit skin, skin that oozes energy and radiates confidence, because that is the most engaging, attractive, beautiful thing a woman can have. are constantly amazed and impressed at how naturally supportive women are to each other - funny, warm, honest. - and love that women treat all of us at Mio as women instead of a faceless brand.

We believe in constant positivity. Skincare was invented to make women feel good. Sometimes we question why so much skincare advertising actually has the reverse affect, making women feel bad about themselves. We don't agree with the extreme retouching trend and worry that we are losing sight of how great women can look - real women - at every age. We have banned the words ANTI-AGING from our business. Two of the most negative little words that do nothing but make you feel bad about yourself.

We start to age from the second we are born. And, now, we live in a society where we can expect to live to 100 years old. How are we going to feel about ourselves for 50% of that time? Are we going to hate our reflections in the mirror. We hope not! We need to redefine our beauty language. We need to celebrate the differences between us all; and instead of constantly comparing ourselves to the Olympiads of beauty – or even constantly comparing ourselves with our friends - let us be kind to our own selfs and appreciate the good things about each of us.

Our goal is to give you gorgeously fit skin, skin that oozes energy and radiates confidence, because that is the most engaging, attractive, beautiful thing a woman can have.